How I learned the art of pruning

My story

Ok, so I’m totally not Martha Stewart, but I can tell you that even though she’s the queen of better homes and better gardens, that I can honestly tell you that I truly understand the art of pruning. The reason I truly understand the art of pruning, is because it’s one of my favorite things to do, and it always has been. It’s one of my favorite things to do because it gives me a sense of peace, calm, purpose, and I get to be out in nature, enjoying the day, loving the day, living for the day, and so much more. Sure, I mean, I’m not on a beach with JLO, living it up and having a great time, but I am for sure enjoying every moment of my peace, quiet, and serenity, when it comes to pruning my trees, and spending time in nature, and enjoying every bit of what I do.

Pruning; it’s easy

For so many people, they truly believe that pruning is difficult and hard, because it requires a lot of work that some people cannot figure out at all. Some people believe they cannot cut away the dead branches, and they also believe that it’s too hard, difficult, or painful to do, because some of the branches have things that prick them, hurt them, and that are painful for them to deal with. Yet, honesty, it’s not different than shaving your legs, or for guys shaving your beard, and the reason I say this is because when you get the hang of it, it not only becomes routine, but it also becomes amazingly easy, and fun to enjoy as a whole. My experience as someone who has pruned for years, has not only been fun, but I also enjoy the fact that I get to save money, time, and effort by doing it all myself.

My advice

Ok, so when it comes to pruning, just remember it’s like a business deal; once you agree to do it, do it!!!!! Be sure to remember that dead branches are not a reflection of you being lazy, but instead it’s just a friendly reminder, that the more you focus on pruning, the better off your life will be. Therefore, be sure to prune away one dead branch, one obstruction, and one thing at a time, because by doing so you can guarantee that you’ll get what you need when you need it, when it comes to the perfect tree. Simple; one at a time, easy does it, and enjoy, that’s the fun of pruning!! Stay tuned for more fun things on this blog.

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