The Storm: That rocked the world

It was seven, no ten years ago. I was sitting on my front my porch. Drinking a warm cup of chamomile tea. It was a long and eventful day. One of those days where life takes you on a roller coaster. And there is nothing you can do about it but go along for the ride. Well, I had just finish bathing my youngest at the time and laid him down in his crib. The sun was just getting to set. I’ve always loved this time of the day. When everything is winding down for the night. The sky is aglow with the most beautiful colors. The reds, the oranges, the pinks, the purples, it never fails, every time I see a sunset it astonishes me. I don’t remember where my husband was at the time. Maybe in the garage, that’s right he was in the garage working on the old Chevy Camaro. Men and their toys right?

After some time I hear the roll of thunder in the far distance. Follow by the flash of lightening. The weather man been predicting storms all week and we have yet to have one. And its summer. So it’s not uncommon to have a little thunder and lightning without the accompaniment of rain. Of course I didn’t move off the porch. I stayed in that comfortable wicker chair glider lazily rocking and sipping my tea. Before I knew I was being awaken by my husband. “Wake up Alexis, wake up!” He said, “Get the kids we have to go into to the basement!” Mind you all my life I have been a hard, death like sleeper. It’s a gift I have, I can sleep through anything except the cries of my babies. That’s the only sound that will penetrate my coma like type of sleep.

As I’m jolted awake I hear the siren going off, the crack and pop of limps being whipped off the trees. The wind is blowing, rain coming down in droves. Creating a sheet it seems, I can’t see down our driveway to the mailbox that’s about twenty feet away. I guess that weather man was finally right.

Clark and I grabbed our three babies and rushed downstairs to the basement. It sounded like a war was going on outside of our home. I can only imagine the damage that’s being down. All I can do is pray that the damage is minimal and our house remains intact and unscathed. We were down in that basement for what felt like hours but was probably thirty-five minutes. Our kids fell asleep curled up in our laps. My husband and I kept our selves busy by playing cards. There was anything any one of us could but wait it out. So that’s exactly what we did, we waited that storm out.

After about thirty-five or forty five minutes we no longer heard the sound of the siren or even rain. My husband said to me, “stay here Lex, I’m gonna check outside, if it’s safe I’ll holler for you and the kids to come upstairs.” Clark went upstairs and I could hear our front door opening and shutting. Not too long after that Clark yells, “ya’ll can come up, the storm has passed!”

As we all stood on the front porch surveying the damage. Thank God, our house, garages, and cars were fine. Just a few little limbs fell onto to them. But the pool and my vegetable garden was ruin. A huge oak tree was uprooted and landed right on top of the pool and in the middle of my garden. I turned to my husband and said, “Clark it’s late, let’s put the kids to bed and we can handle all this in the morning.” He agreed and we took the kids upstairs to their rooms. Laid them in their beds kissed them goodnight. Then Clark and I got ready for bed. I remember thinking lying there drifting off to sleep, I have to find a number for a tree service to removed that oak from the pool.

Glad to be alive blogging everyday about businesses now…

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