One Challenging day up in the tree


Of all the things that could go wrong today this was the worst. Hi, I’m its Saki here and this was probably the worst day of my life. And no I’m not be melodramatic. It started out bad then progress to terrible, then horrible, now it’s at the worst. I wish I had a time machine like Back to the Future so that I can start this day over. Oh well.

I woke up twenty minutes late. Apparently the power went out some time while I was sleeping. When I woke up my alarm clock was just flashing numbers. Now I have to rush and get ready for work. If I want any hope of making it there on time. Quickly I brush my teeth, hair, and get dress. As I am preparing to walk out of my house I can’t find my boots, no wait correction, I can’t find my boot. There is no way my supervisor, Jonny, will let me work without my boots. Where can a big yellow steel toe boot go anyway? Ahh here it is, it fell behind the trash can. I have my boots on, work gloves, vest, and my hard hat is in the car. I lock up and run to the car. I hop into my car, put the key into the ignition and guess what? It won’t want to start. Seriously? I do not have time for this. Just as I was about to call in sick to work, I see my neighbor leaving and ask if she can give me a ride. Thank God she said yes.

We make it to my job, I thank my neighbor and run to meet up with the crew. Thankfully most of the guys are standing around talking and finishing up their coffee. I wrap my hair up into a ponytail put my hard hat on and wait for the whistle to blow. There it goes. I grab my chain saw I begin felling trees and chopping logs for the rest of the day.

While getting ready to leave my supervisor called me to his office. Saying that he has something he’d like to talk to me about. A few months I had applied for a promotion. The promotion is a supervisor position for another crew of tree climbers and trimmers for the next town over which is Huntsville. All the guys and myself believed that I was a shoe in. I’m a certified arborist for goodness sake. When he requested me to his office I thought he was going to give me the promotion. After the day I have been having it would be a great boost.

I sat down across from him and he began talking. Basically he told me that after great consideration and review unfortunately I will not be promoted. Blah, blah, blah. He said some other stuff but I stopped listening. All I could think was I can’t wait to get home. What else can go wrong with this day?

I walk out to the lot looking for my car. Like a dummy I forgot that it wouldn’t start this morning and I had to get a ride to work. Now I have to find a ride home. And everyone has left already I have no choice but to walk the seven miles to my house. After a long day of felling trees, pruning, and lopping this was the last thing I wanted to do.

After a couple hours, I made it home. I was hot, sweaty, smelly, and hungry. But first I have to call my mechanic to come get my car so it can be service. After completing that task I took a shower. Ate a peanut butter and jelly sandwich. I was so tired and drained I decided to go to bed early. Hopefully tomorrow will be a better day. I lay down on my bed in hopes of falling asleep. With my eyes still closed I hear a loud sound. Is that a chainsaw? I work all day hearing this noise now it’s in my dreams? I turn over praying and hoping that tomorrow will be a better day.

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