Of all the things that could go wrong today this was the worst. Hi, I’m its Saki here and this was probably the worst day of my life. And no I’m not be melodramatic. It started out bad then progress to terrible, then horrible, now it’s at the worst. I wish I had a time machine like Back to the Future so that I can start this day over. Oh well.

I woke up twenty minutes late. Apparently the power went out some time while I was sleeping. When I woke up my alarm clock was just flashing numbers. Now I have to rush and get ready for work. If I want any hope of making it there on time. Quickly I brush my teeth, hair, and get dress. As I am preparing to walk out of my house I can’t find my boots, no wait correction, I can’t find my boot. There is no way my supervisor, Jonny, will let me work without my boots. Where can a big yellow steel toe boot go anyway? Ahh here it is, it fell behind the trash can. I have my boots on, work gloves, vest, and my hard hat is in the car. I lock up and run to the car. I hop into my car, put the key into the ignition and guess what? It won’t want to start. Seriously? I do not have time for this. Just as I was about to call in sick to work, I see my neighbor leaving and ask if she can give me a ride. Thank God she said yes.

We make it to my job, I thank my neighbor and run to meet up with the crew. Thankfully most of the guys are standing around talking and finishing up their coffee. I wrap my hair up into a ponytail put my hard hat on and wait for the whistle to blow. There it goes. I grab my chain saw I begin felling trees and chopping logs for the rest of the day.

While getting ready to leave my supervisor called me to his office. Saying that he has something he’d like to talk to me about. A few months I had applied for a promotion. The promotion is a supervisor position for another crew of tree climbers and trimmers for the next town over which is Huntsville. All the guys and myself believed that I was a shoe in. I’m a certified arborist for goodness sake. When he requested me to his office I thought he was going to give me the promotion. After the day I have been having it would be a great boost.

I sat down across from him and he began talking. Basically he told me that after great consideration and review unfortunately I will not be promoted. Blah, blah, blah. He said some other stuff but I stopped listening. All I could think was I can’t wait to get home. What else can go wrong with this day?

I walk out to the lot looking for my car. Like a dummy I forgot that it wouldn’t start this morning and I had to get a ride to work. Now I have to find a ride home. And everyone has left already I have no choice but to walk the seven miles to my house. After a long day of felling trees, pruning, and lopping this was the last thing I wanted to do.

After a couple hours, I made it home. I was hot, sweaty, smelly, and hungry. But first I have to call my mechanic to come get my car so it can be service. After completing that task I took a shower. Ate a peanut butter and jelly sandwich. I was so tired and drained I decided to go to bed early. Hopefully tomorrow will be a better day. I lay down on my bed in hopes of falling asleep. With my eyes still closed I hear a loud sound. Is that a chainsaw? I work all day hearing this noise now it’s in my dreams? I turn over praying and hoping that tomorrow will be a better day.


In the world of landscaping pruning is key. It can accent the home, create a pathway, or simply look pretty. So after the flowers are mapped and planted, then we add the shrubs, and some sort of mulch or stone to cover the ground. Then it’s the maintenance. There is nothing worse when a house started out with spectacular curb appeal in the spring and by the fall it looks like a nuclear blast occurred. Maintenance is key to keep a beautiful yard beautiful. The yard must stay hydrated. This means scheduled watering. The yard must be fed, every few days some type of fertilizer is implemented. As the garden grows its must be maintain. Therefore some type of trimming and pruning must be in order. To remove any dead matter and encourage new growth. Now here is question that may not be considered at first: in what style?

In the world of landscaping and yard maintenance there are many different styles of pruning. Each with its own purpose and appeal. This is decision should be made in a few different factors. Most importantly should the pruning and trimming be done for decorative purposes or more for functionality? Here are some common and popular styles.

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Pollarding is best used when the purpose is to keep a shrub or tree from growing too big. This is normally used for trees that grow by power lines. By pollarding it the tree will remain the same sized and shaped as when it was first planted. A real space saver method. Elm, oak, ash, mulberry, elder, the tulip tree, to name a few are best suited for this style of pruning. The best time of year to pollard a tree is in winter or early spring. A pollard tree will have to be pollard once every year. Because this is a very skillful way of pruning its best to consult an arborist or a tree service company.


This technique is really beautiful. But very labor intensive and will require a lot of patience. But the outcome is gorgeous. This technique takes a plant or shrub and through pruning it’s manipulated to grow vertical and shaped into a number of designs. Like a candelabra, a fan shape, the Belgian fence pattern, whatever shape that’s desire. By using espalier an actual wall could be formulated from the vegetation. Or ever to create a dramatic focal point in garden. Best to used plants that have spreading branches such as: apple, pear, camellia, and quince. Some type of support will be needed. After planting the shrub or tree is trained by removing all but two shoots on each branch. And the two shoots must be attached to the support with wire. This process is repeated as the plant grows grooming it into the design and shape of the gardener’s choosing.

Central Leader System

If fruit trees are to be prune central leader system is a wonderful technique that works particularly well for apple trees, pear trees, and sweet cherry trees. The central part is the trunk and the branches are train to encourage a dense growth. Any unwanted branches should be trimmed away early and while the tree is still young. This method is best done in winter or early spring when the plants growth is dormant.

These are just a few styles and techniques that can be utilized. There so many different methods, styles, techniques, and purpose. Each one beautiful and beneficial in their own way. In choosing the best for one’s one personal garden consult a local tree trim service company. Ask to speak with arborist. He or she can recommend the best plant, shrubs, and trees for a garden or yard. For its particular climate as well as which pruning style is best suited for the overall feel and health of the plants.

My story

Ok, so I’m totally not Martha Stewart, but I can tell you that even though she’s the queen of better homes and better gardens, that I can honestly tell you that I truly understand the art of pruning. The reason I truly understand the art of pruning, is because it’s one of my favorite things to do, and it always has been. It’s one of my favorite things to do because it gives me a sense of peace, calm, purpose, and I get to be out in nature, enjoying the day, loving the day, living for the day, and so much more. Sure, I mean, I’m not on a beach with JLO, living it up and having a great time, but I am for sure enjoying every moment of my peace, quiet, and serenity, when it comes to pruning my trees, and spending time in nature, and enjoying every bit of what I do.

Pruning; it’s easy

For so many people, they truly believe that pruning is difficult and hard, because it requires a lot of work that some people cannot figure out at all. Some people believe they cannot cut away the dead branches, and they also believe that it’s too hard, difficult, or painful to do, because some of the branches have things that prick them, hurt them, and that are painful for them to deal with. Yet, honesty, it’s not different than shaving your legs, or for guys shaving your beard, and the reason I say this is because when you get the hang of it, it not only becomes routine, but it also becomes amazingly easy, and fun to enjoy as a whole. My experience as someone who has pruned for years, has not only been fun, but I also enjoy the fact that I get to save money, time, and effort by doing it all myself.

My advice

Ok, so when it comes to pruning, just remember it’s like a business deal; once you agree to do it, do it!!!!! Be sure to remember that dead branches are not a reflection of you being lazy, but instead it’s just a friendly reminder, that the more you focus on pruning, the better off your life will be. Therefore, be sure to prune away one dead branch, one obstruction, and one thing at a time, because by doing so you can guarantee that you’ll get what you need when you need it, when it comes to the perfect tree. Simple; one at a time, easy does it, and enjoy, that’s the fun of pruning!! Stay tuned for more fun things on this blog.