But this time I found a tree care company called Wilmington’s Utility Tree, and despite the unattractive name, they did a wonderful job.

Service and smiles

I have to be honest as someone who does judge a book by its cover, I want people to know that when I first heard of Utility tree service; I automatically thought what a weird name? I mean honestly, Utility tree service, it sounds so bland, boring, and it doesn’t stand out to me. It doesn’t hit me hard, and it really doesn’t make me want to do business with them. This is true, very true, and I for one know for a fact that when it comes to business and doing business that there is a lot in a name in general. Yet, I also know that based upon reviews that they do a great job as a whole, and they truly care when it comes to making sure that people are taken care of, that the job is done with the utmost appreciation, and more. They want the best me, and what I’m doing, and for that I’m truly appreciative.

Trees done right

I can’t imagine how a tree company could ever want to offer a service, and then not deliver. Additionally, so many companies these days, not only do not deliver, but they also make sure that when it comes to work, that they do as little as possible, and they are careless in the process. However, I can assure you, that it was not my experience when it came to working with Utility tree service. With Utility tree service, we not only got the best, but we got services that not even arborists offer. It was incredible, amazing, and simply and truly one of a kind. Also, I can say that I am a very particular man when it comes to tree cutting, for a wide variety of reasons, and when I worked with Utility tree service, they gave me real precision, real effort, and they also performed all duties possible with real ability, confidence, and a whole lot more.

My Conclusion about Wilmington Tree Utility Service

In a world these days, where we always seek out things that are not true, and where we always seek to serve ourselves, I can truly say that I am beyond happy, and filled with gratitude to know that there is a company, like Utility, where I as a customer not only had the best, but where I also got the best as well. Utility always put me first, and the needs of my trees, and they were truly amazing as a whole. I am thankful that there is a company with class, integrity, and that truly knows that I am worth it. I am thankful. I am thankful for Utility tree service, and all that they did for me. Click Here to Visit their site.


Many people often ask me what is so fun about tree service, it seems like ridiculously hard work.

Sometimes it’s hard to tell when you have to call for some tree service. Tree services perform a few different main services: Tree care, tree removal, tree planting, stump grinding and tree trimming. There is also emergency tree removal, which is no different from normal tree removal except it demands that the tree service show up more promptly and would more likely deal with fallen trees and uprooted trees.

Tree care is the part of tree service where an arborist can come by and do any tree trimming, tree pruning, tree fertilization and any other tree maintenance that will prolong the life of a tree and keep the tree in a condition that the homeowner would like. Every tree is different and an arborist is a professional that will know how to make a tree more full or grow taller or keep it a certain size and still have it look healthy by doing some tree trimming or tree fertilization or whatever is required.

Tree removal is a pretty straightforward part of tree service where a tree must literally be removed for any number of reasons. Tree removal can occur because a tree is unseating concrete in the vicinity, or because a tree has grown to close to power lines, or because the tree blocks a view or just because the homeowner is tired of picking up sticks or leaves in their yard. Other times, a tree has grown too unhealthy to withstand gusts of wind without falling apart and poses a threat to fall on people or property which brings us to emergency tree removal.

Emergency tree removal is what happens when your tree falls and hopefully not on you or your car or your house. After a good thunderstorm it is not uncommon to see trees snapped in half or ripped out at the roots, with all the arborists and tree service businesses out in force cutting up the trees with chainsaws and throwing the pieces into the woodchipper. The worst is when your tree falls across the street- There’s no waiting a couple days for the tree removal that way. You’re going to have to pay the Sunday hourly and get the arborists out to take care of that right away and that’s a pretty penny.

Stump Grinding & Tree Removal

Stump grinding and tree stump removal is another part of the tree service business bread and butter. You see people do different things with the last remains of their trees, stumps that are carved into artwork, stumps that are like regular old tree stumps and stumps that are completely shaved down to the ground to create sort of a patio that you can stand on. Getting an entire tree stump removal done, roots and all, is a pretty big job. You have to dig all around the stump and its root system, trim all the roots off and finally haul out this gigantic stump which could possibly weigh a few hundred pounds if not more.

Tree trimming is something that people usually get only when they have to, or if they want their tree to grow a certain way. Tree trimming takes care of branches that are growing into fences or up into power lines, scraping on the side of your house or anything like that. Of course, if the tree is short enough the homeowner can do the tree trimming on his own with one of those saws that sits on a pole but most trees are so tall that even that thing wouldn’t reach. Tree trimming is also an aspect of tree care where you can do a little tree pruning and make your tree grow fuller or taller or stop growing.

Most arborists should have the equipment and knowhow to do any of the jobs described here. Just call and ask, I’m sure if they can’t do the service you want they will know somebody who can do the job.

So when you want to know some insight on this industry, this site will tell you all there is to know.